Here you will find LIFE changing resources that will help you unlock your talents picked by Lucky School.


Real Age – Live Life to the Youngest: This is one of my favorite website. Actually, I visit this site almost everyday. Test your real age. Find great health  tips and advice that will help you improve the quality of your life.


Life Changing Blogs


Personal Development

1. Known as one of the most respected personal development bloggers, Steve got a great blog here. Find over 1000 articles on a wide variety of self-help topics.

2. iNeedMotivation: You will like this blog. It's all about self help and motivation for practical individuals. Topics discussed on this blog, include; personal development , spirituality, and the principles for success.

3.  Positive Attitude Tips: Read suggestions and tips, quotes and messages, to help maintain a positive outlook.

4.  Self Help Collective: Self help and self improvement information and advice.  If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a wonderful place to start…. and end.  You’ll find inspirational quotes, thoughts and quotes about happiness, self improvement, and success.

5. The Positivity Blog: Focus on bringing and seeing the positivity in your life with this blog.

6.  Personal-Development.Com: The articles on this particular web site are awesome. You’ll find great articles that will help you in developing your personal qualities.

Motivational Blogs 

1.  Self Help Daily: Motivating self help articles, book reviews, and inspirational and life changing quotes.

Business and Finance

1. Dumb Little Man: Weekly advice and tips to improves your finances. The main objective of this blog is to help those who are looking to improve themselves.

2. Self Improvement Tips: Advice on budgeting, finances, and setting goals.

3. WalletPop: WalletPop and its fantastic blog ( are two great place for personal finance. 

Recent WalletPop articles:
Tips to Cutting Your Grocery Bill Baseball Fans Look to Lure Fans in Tough Economy
Paris Hilton Vows to Save the Economy

Career Development & Personal Branding

1. Brian Tracy Blog: Brain on this blog share his over 30 years of experience on professional development, leadership, selling, and strategic planning.

2. Personal Branding Blog: Learn how to become know in what you do through personal branding tips from this blog.

3. Learn to use your personal branding power to empower your life.


Faith Blog

1. Christian Great blog. Topics range from homeschooling to pets and from cooking to the Bible.


1. LovesAGame: Learn how start a healthy new relationship. Make your relationship better and more fulfilling for you and your partner.

2. New Age Self Hel: Personal growth and self help strategies and techniques that encourage the love of life and more fulfilling and satisfying relationships.


Healthier Living

1.  Jonny Bowden Solutions -  On his highly informative website, Dr. Jonny Bowden sums up his mission and passion with the following words:

  • provide cutting edge information about diet, nutrition and health.
  • inspire, motivate, teach and entertain.
  • help you cut through all the
    misconceptions about health and diet.
  • help you live a truly powerful, magnificent and healthy life with energy and passion!
While on the website, visit the blog, read the wonderful articles, and whatever you do – sign up to receive the free e-book “29 Tips for a Healthy Life.”  You’ll also discover other outstanding books and e-books for sale. 

2. WebMD – You’ll find every topic you could ever hope for on Web MD.  There are slideshows, fitness articles, news, reports, polls, etc.  Web MD manages to make their website feel more like a medical community than a medical clinic, yet the information is still spot on.

Recent WebMD Articles:
Heart Disease: Exercise for a Healthy Heart
Recognizing the Physical Symptoms of Depression

A Great WebMD Slideshow:
13 Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever


Official Google Blog: The Official Google Blog is one that I’d recommend for anyone, whether they blog for fun or profit – or both.


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Selp - Help and Business Books

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