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An Entrepreneur, a Business Motivational Expert, Lucky School is the author of a number of books, including; How Did Jesus Became Successful, MAKE it and the best selling Even An Idiot Can Become A Millionaire. School has given hundred of talks in seminars and business conferences and has worked with several companies.
He welcomes invitation to speak worldwide. School has the ability to presents  ideas and strategies in an interesting and practical way that audience can easily apply immediately to achieve results.

Here are  some of Lucky School's most common speaking topics:

How To Start Your Own Successful Business
School teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and run their own successful business. He show them all of the necessary things they need to know to start their own business. They learn piratical proven strategies that show them how to start and grow their business.

Start Making Money from The Internet
Learn how to start your own money making internet business working from the comfort of your home. Learn everything you need to know to launching your very own $10,000 a month internet business. Lucky's training has help several people start their own successful internet business.

Go BIG, Or Go Home!
Learn how to set big goals for yourself and achieve them with a series of  practical methods, ideas and strategies everyone can apply in every area of life and work. Learn the secret to maximum your achievement and achieving  unlimited success in life.  You will discover  the best ideas for success.

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